Research towards Treatment

Data sharing is essential for expedited translation of research results into knowledge, products, and procedures to improve human health.
— National Institute of Health

Among the main goals of the Human Genome Project (HGP) was to develop new, better and cheaper tools to identify new genes and to understand their function.

Aligned with Project 8p’s mission of translational research is our ability to fund and welcome partnerships to take clinical action.  With quality data sharing, transparency, and free access to our iPSC lines and open-access mice models and organisms, we encourage researchers around the world to help us discover clinically relevant, medically actionable, stretches of DNA that are the key to helping individuals affected by genetic disease, and the “future of medicine” for 8p disorders.

We invite researchers to help us identify the specific priority genes and which symptoms they are associated with, understand the cause of the genetic mutation, and develop a treatment plan and possible prevention of this disorder.  

We are pragmatic and impatiently patient about the unknown timeline; therefore, we want to start now and be ready to take advantage of the future of genome medicine.

Strategic Partners

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Our research allows any researchers free access to the cell lines, DNA, mice models, and de-identified data.

We are eager to be a strategic partner at the onset of assessing markets for drug development and determining feasibility.  The US FDA and international regulatory agencies are incentivizing orphan drug development in many ways that allow expedited approval, greater flexibility in clinical trials, and more innovation in the process.

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