About Project 8p


Project 8p Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that advocates for people with a chromosome 8p condition and everyone connected to someone with this condition. We are patient-led and extremely motivated and passionate about advocacy, research, meaningful data, and a curable treatment for rare diseases.

We are living in the age of scientific discovery. With a strong network of companies and organizations around the world that are partnering together, rare diseases are being diagnoses and therapies are being developed to improve and save lives. While there are many obstacles to overcome, there is astonishing progress with repurposing of existing drugs, new drugs, and cutting-edge gene and cell therapy that is happening at a faster pace than imagined by the scientific and pharmaceutical community.

Project 8p is an active member of this community and aims to help everyone that is impacted by chromosome 8p to achieve their goals on their own unique journey. Project 8p is committed to maximizing every opportunity and resource.   

The next time a human being is diagnosed with an 8p condition, our goal is that the doctors, families, educators, and truly anyone has free and easy access to a comprehensive toolkit about the diagnosis and what to expect for the future.  If we can alleviate some of the uncertainty, and build on this information, we believe we can achieve treatment remedies for some, if not all, of the symptoms with this diagnosis.